The Korean Lifestyle You Need to Imitate – Korea is a peninsula located in East Asia (between China and Japan). Korea was divided into two countries, namely the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) after World War II in 1945.

Talking about Korea, there are many things that we can see and explore, not only from the country, but from their worldwide achievements, their films, and their music that has entered all corners of the world. It should be noted, there are things that characterize them that make them exist and are famous to this day, namely their way of life every day.

It turns out that there are many positive things that we can imitate from the Korean lifestyle, you know. Especially if you’re planning a vacation to Korea, there’s nothing wrong with finding out their habits.

The Korean Lifestyle You Need to Imitate

The Korean Lifestyle You Need to Imitate

Check out the following Korean people’s daily habits:

Be polite and friendly towards others

Korean people are very famous for their friendly and polite attitude shown to older people. When you meet someone who is older, it is obligatory to greet and bow as a form of respect. As trivial as it may sound, this custom should not be broken there.

In addition to greetings, you must also speak politely with older people, also call them by their substitute names. You shouldn’t call them by name alone as it is considered very impolite.

Meal Time Ethics

Every country has its own culture, and Korea is no exception. You have to know the etiquette of eating while in Korea, so you don’t make mistakes when you’re there later. When eating, you may not take food or start eating before the oldest person has. Even when eating you have to try not to be noisy so as not to disturb others.

In Korea, there is also no tradition of eating with hands. If in Indonesia eating with hands is a pleasure, then Koreans consider it dirty. So when eating, make sure you use chopsticks or a spoon. There is one more eating etiquette in Korea which is quite unique, which is that you are allowed to talk even if your mouth is full of food.

Welcoming with Drinks (Welcome Drink)

Celebrations are a unique tradition in Korea, even for small events such as welcoming new members. Welcome drink is a mandatory menu at every reception. Welcome drink itself is an alcoholic drink mixed with soju, a typical Korean liquor.

You must receive a welcome drink to appreciate the people who have welcomed you. But if you can’t drink alcohol, you still have to accept it then ask for another drink. Don’t worry about being considered impolite. Koreans will understand why you can’t drink alcohol.


You should also know some “unwritten” rules that you must obey. For example, don’t take pictures of random people, especially women. If you want to take a picture, you must first get permission from the person concerned.

One more thing for those of you who like to listen to music or watch videos in public places. Make sure you always wear a headset so that people around you don’t feel disturbed. Oh yes, also pay attention to the signs prohibiting smoking and parking. If you violate, surely you will be fined.

Sauna often

You can find sauna houses easily in Korea, they are even open 24 hours a day and allow visitors to stay for days. Sauna houses or jimjilbang are very popular because of the habits of Korean people who like to go there.

Sauna is useful for removing toxins in the body, relieving stress, and losing weight. But be aware, the sauna can make you dehydrated. Therefore, when you are in the sauna, make sure you drink lots of water so that the fluid levels in the body are maintained.

Diligently wear Skincare and Masks

Korean skincare is very popular all over the world. A skincare regimen consisting of dozens of steps reflects a high concern for caring for the skin. One of the stages of treatment that should not be missed is using a mask.

Women and men in Korea really like to treat their faces with masks at night so they look fresh the next day. They usually use sheet masks or natural masks made from fruits and vegetables. Natural nutrients in masks are good for caring for the skin. So it’s no wonder that Korean people’s skin is very radiant and youthful?


Here’s what it’s still difficult for Indonesians to do. Koreans love to walk and travel by public transportation. Scenes like there are always in every drama you watch. The habit of walking is not only to get the ideal body, but also as a substitute for those who are too busy to exercise.

So, if you want to live a healthy life like Koreans, start getting used to walking. Even though it feels tired and heavy at first, over time you will surely enjoy and feel the benefits!

Hard worker

One more Korean lifestyle that you must apply in life. Korean people are known to be hardworking, persistent, and don’t give up easily.

The average working hours in South Korea is 60 hours per week. So overtime until late at night has become a common thing there. You can also learn from idols who spent years before they could debut as singers.

This shows that Koreans are very diligent and patient in achieving their goals. But remember, don’t push yourself until you become the victim.

Likes to Eat Vegetables

Korea is famous for its culinary delights, which you will often see on TV. There is one component in Korean cuisine that cannot be missed. What’s that? Vegetables! Vegetables are a side dish for any menu. The presentation also varies. There are vegetables that are processed into kimchi or raw lettuce that can be eaten with grilled meat.

Seeing their eating habits, you will no longer wonder why Korean people’s skin is smooth and healthy? Vegetables and fruit contain many nutrients that cannot be obtained through the rice or meat that you eat.

Vegetables have a complete content starting from vitamins A, C, K, B complex to minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, and beta-carotene.

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