The Chinese Lifestyle is Enviable – China with the largest population in the world is almost spread from big cities to the smallest cities.

Even though they were born and raised in overseas areas, interestingly, their culture and lifestyle are largely maintained. Usually they are known as ethnic Chinese.

The Chinese Lifestyle is Enviable

The Chinese Lifestyle is Enviable

Some good lifestyles that can be imitated and applied in living everyday life:

Respect Parents

For Chinese people, showing devotion to parents and elders is an obligation. Usually they do this by spending time together celebrating festivals, visiting them on certain occasions such as Chinese New Year.

This day is usually a family gathering event after a long time with busy work and other activities. Enjoy special food and also various Chinese New Year decorations that have been prepared beforehand.

Teaching Children Business Since Childhood

The average Chinese has a family business. In carrying it out children are usually involved to help their parents. So the entrepreneurial spirit has been instilled since childhood, it’s no wonder why they are very good at managing businesses later as adults.

In addition, the goal is to teach the sianak to value money, manage it and use it wisely.


There is one very well-known principle of the Chinese ethnicity, namely “Eat porridge before success, then eat rice after success”.

Which means that before success they will try to live frugally, limiting all desires and after being successful it will be time to enjoy it. The money generated to be saved and managed later for business capital.

They are not ashamed to hunt for discounted items and compare prices before buying them and are not proud to bid on them, or they look simple but for certain occasions they are definitely an exception.

Hard worker

The Chinese are known for their hard work, they are disciplined, don’t waste time on unnecessary activities and focus on work. They think that time is money.

Even so, they also value the rest time because they believe their productivity will be maximized if they get enough sleep.

Small Profit Better

What does this mean? So, the trading principle of the Chinese people is that it is better to take small profits as long as they are smooth so that the existing money can be rotated continuously, so they can sell at a lower price. Low prices mean sales transactions will occur frequently. Many profitable transactions are also multiplied, right?

Dare to Invest

The Chinese are also willing to take risks. Investing in big businesses including their target to multiply the wealth coffers. But of course by considering the pros and cons. lots of choices

Even friendship is also included in the investment category, because they believe in the future, who knows, the relationships built now can be useful in the future. So they don’t hesitate to give material to that person.

Pay Cash

When buying goods, they pay as much as possible in cash, because of their principle to avoid debt except for certain businesses or emergencies and even then after careful consideration.

They will postpone buying until the funds needed are met, that’s right according to point number three above namely living frugally.

Education Is Important

For the Chinese, school and education are important. That’s why their children will be educated in quality elite schools. They believe that the best education also affects the success of the child in the future.


These are some of the cultures that have been passed down from generation to generation by the Chinese, that is also the secret of their success in society. If you think about it, it’s true and it’s easy to implement. The principle is to take the good and throw away the bad. Hope it’s useful!

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